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Gamers can play unofficial Kirby games on arcade websites such as Fanfreegames.com and Flamegames.com. These are not official Kirby games that Nintendo released. Rather, they are fan-made games that are free to play. Players should avoid playing official Kirby games online unless they are Nintendo releases.

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One unofficial Kirby game is called “Kirby.” In this fan remake of the first Kirby game, players use the arrow keys on the computer keyboard to control Kirby. The space bar makes Kirby jump, and he can inhale and exhale using the Alt key. Players can make Kirby absorb the power of the enemies that he inhales by pressing the down arrow key.

Players cannot die in “Kirby” when enemies hit him, but they can die from falling down holes. When players die, they go back to the title screen and have to start the game over.

Another fan-made Kirby game is “Kirby Star Catch 2.” In this game, players use the keyboard to control Kirby and help him collect stars. The game randomly places the stars on the screen, and players have to avoid enemies while trying to collect the stars. The goal is to collect as many stars as possible in a limited amount of time. Random power-ups also appear around the screen that players can collect to obtain an edge.

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