How Do You Play "Just Words"?


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Play "Just Words" by creating words out of the random letters that the game gives you. The game has single-player and multi-player game modes and is available online.

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The game gives six random letters to both players. Each letter has a certain score value, with rare letters such as X and Z having the highest value. The squares on the board with blue or red dots in them multiply your score. Whereas blue dots multiply the value of the letter on it, red dots multiply the value of the entire word. Play all six letters at once to get a Bingo bonus worth 50 points.

Write words by clicking the letters on the left or by typing on your keyboard, and then drag the finished word onto the game board. Click the red Word List button at the bottom to see a list of two and three-letter words. You can exchange your letters for random ones by clicking on the letters and then clicking Exchange Tiles. Doing so ends your turn. Click Shuffle Tiles to view your letters in a random order, and Pass to end your turn without playing.

Placing words parallel to the ones on the board enables you to earn points from multiple words at once. Use S tiles to make your words plural and earn more points.

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