How Do You Play "Just Dance" for the Nintendo Wii?


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Players compete against each other by dancing to songs available in the "Just Dance" video game versions for the Nintendo Wii. The score is based on how closely each player replicates the choreography portrayed on screen using the Wii motion sensor bar and the motion sensor remote controls.

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The remote controls work best if they remain 3 to 8 feet from the motion sensor bar, which is placed atop the screen. The remote controls can also be calibrated at any point during play by pressing the Synchro button. The system uses the same infrared technology used by television remote controls.

"Just Dance" has been released in a number of versions with a few recent innovations as of 2015. Each version uses top 40 dance chart selections and creative choreography. Some of the recent innovations to make the competition last longer include a Battle mode in which users can challenge friends to a series of six songs, or "battles," to determine the day's dance-off champion. Another mode features four concurrent dance routines so each player gets a chance in the spotlight. For those who want to use "Just Dance" as an effective workout routine, the Just Sweat mode offers a personalized program, calorie counter and challenging workout sessions. The most recent innovation features a mode in which users can challenge other players online.

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