How Do You Play the "Jurassic Park Builder" Game?


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Play the game "Jurassic Park Builder" by adding different attractions to your own park, inspired by the major motion pictures and books of the same name. The goals of the game are to increase visitor traffic, collect resources and expand your park.

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At the start of the game you have access to an open park area upon which you must build different structures in order to attract guests. Each building has a different special function, Once you place a building, you must wait a certain amount of time for the construction to complete before its ability is available. As you add buildings to your park, you earn different resources that allow you to further upgrade and expand the park. You are also able to level up some buildings to amplify their effect on the park.

As you play, you must complete different missions from various characters. Most missions involve building different structures or collecting certain amounts of resources. Completing these missions awards you experience points as well as various bonuses to the park.

The game also allows you to create dinosaur battles. As you fill your park with different types of dinosaurs, you are able to send them into the Battle Arena building to fight other dinosaurs across multiple levels.

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