How Do You Play Junior Monopoly?

To play Junior Monopoly, each player moves a piece around the board and tries to bankrupt the other players. Junior Monopoly is played similarly to regular Monopoly, but it uses different property names, simpler Chance cards and smaller amounts of money.

Each person starts with five $1 bills, four $2 bills, three $3 bills, two $4 bills and one $5 bill. The players take turns rolling the dice and traveling around the board. If they land on a property, they can buy it if it is not owned. If it is owned, they must pay rent to the owner.

If they land on a space with instructions, the instructions are to be followed. When the Chance cards are drawn, the player must follow the directions on the card.

The game ends when someone runs out of money, or if the game needs to be stopped before that point, the person with the most money wins.