How Do You Play JigZone Puzzle Games?

How Do You Play JigZone Puzzle Games?

To play JigZone puzzle games as of 2015, visit, and select a puzzle. Using the mouse, drag and drop puzzle pieces into the correct position until you solve the puzzle.

Each puzzle page includes a description of the puzzle image and a timer that tracks how long it takes to complete the puzzle. The page lists the fastest solve time of the puzzle by any user, your solve time after you complete the puzzle, and the average solve time for all users. The timer starts when you click on a puzzle piece. Click on the timer to pause it. The timer starts counting again when you click on a piece.

The Change Cut button lets you choose the cut of the puzzle. The site provides several different puzzle sizes and piece shapes. Shuffle Pieces moves the pieces. Auto Solve moves the pieces into the correct position, one by one, to solve the puzzle. Start Over restarts the puzzle.

The site sets all the pieces in the correct position, so you don't rotate any of them. The puzzle sometimes has pieces on top of each other. Reveal the bottom piece by moving the piece on top or shuffling the pieces.

Create a JigZone account for additional features. JigZone members are able to upload pictures to use as puzzles and compete with friends.