How Do You Play "Jewel Quest Solitaire"?


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Players move cards from the layout to the foundation in an attempt to clear the board in “Jewel Quest Solitaire.” They can only move cards from the layout if they are of lower or higher values than the current card on the foundation.

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Represented with a gem color, players can move cards of any suit to the foundation even if the foundation suit doesn't match the suit of the card from the layout. However, moving cards of the same suit repeatedly earns more swaps. After completing a stage and playing the match-three mini game, players move on to the next stage in which the layout of the cards changes.

Swaps only come into play after the player clears all of the cards from the layout. Then, they start a mini-game in which they have to match three gems of the same color together. The gems that populate this board depend on the moves that the players made during the solitaire part of the game. The term “swap,” refers to how many moves the players have during the match-three mini game. Their overall scores on each level are based on how well they do during the match-three mini game, so earning swaps during the solitaire part of the game is important.

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