How Do You Play Jewel Quest Online?


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You can play Jewel Quest online for free at Zone.msn.com. Jewel Quest is a puzzle game in which players attempt to make a line of three or more icons. Players advance by making enough matches to turn the entire board gold.

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To make matches and earn points, click on two adjacent tiles to switch the artifacts' positions. If this creates a line of three or more identical icons, the artifacts disappear, and the tiles above them fall to take their places. This may create new matches, which then also disappear and give you points. When you clear a line of artifacts, the tiles beneath them turn gold. To advance to the next round of the game, the player must create matches across the entire board until every tile is gold. The timer at the bottom of the screen shows how much time players have left to complete each stage.

The most difficult tiles to turn gold are the corner pieces. Pay attention to how the tiles' movement affects other parts of the board in order to plan ahead. Later levels contain "buried" artifacts, which must be matched twice before they can be cleared from the board. Clear these artifacts first.

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