How Do You Play Jewel Quest?


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Jewel Quest is available to play on MSN Games. Players can play this game online or download a free trial version from this site. During gameplay, players move relics around on the board to create lines of three or more matching relics.

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How Do You Play Jewel Quest?
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To move relics around on the Jewel Quest board, players can click on adjacent artifacts to swap their positions and create a line of three or more matching relics. When the player creates a matching line of relics, they are removed from the board and the tiles underneath them turn gold. When every tile is gold, the player can move onto the next level.

Some tiles contain buried artifacts. Players must match the relics on these tiles twice to make them turn gold. It's a good strategy for players to focus on creating matches on these tiles before the others, as they need to be matched twice in order to win the game.

When a player matches relics to remove them from the board, the relics above fall down to fill the gap. Players need to plan their moves carefully to make sure they can turn every tile gold. The tiles in the bottom corners are the hardest to match, so players should focus on matching these ones first.

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