How Do You Play "Jeopardy" Online?


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Gamers can play “Jeopardy!” for the GameBoy on websites such as PlayR. In this version of the game, they can face off against computer players or real people.

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How Do You Play "Jeopardy" Online?
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There are two options when choosing to play “Jeopardy!” in two-player mode against real people. The first is for the players to share the computer keyboard. On the GameBoy, players had to share the same system. The other option is to play via the GameBoy link cable, which isn't an option that is available on PlayR.

“Jeopardy!” on the GameBoy plays much like the television show of the same name. Players first enter the name of all of the people who are playing, and then player one gets to select the first category and the amount of money that he wants to play for. He gets 10 seconds to choose if he wants to answer the question or not. If he does, he needs to hit a button. Then he has 60 seconds to enter in the correct answer.

The developers gave players 60 seconds to enter the answer to the question because of the input limitations of the GameBoy. While this game is playable online via a flash emulator, players are still limited to the input methods of the original GameBoy title. This means that they have to spell out the answer one letter at a time using the on-screen keyboard.

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