How Do You Play "Jeopardy for Kids"?


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"Jeopardy!" for Kids, more commonly referred to as "Jeopardy!" Kids' Week, is played using questions appropriate for children thirteen years of age and younger. The game is played like regular "Jeopardy!" but with easier questions and a more light-heartened tone.

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To participate in "Jeopardy!" Kids' Week, a contestant must first apply online. A prospective participant must sign up for the online test ahead of time and score well in order to be invited to an in-person audition. The online test is comprised of fifty answers that the contestant must write the question to, although the traditional "What is..." form used on "Jeopardy!" is not required and is even forbidden. After the highest scores are determined, the highest scorers are invited to auditions held in locations such as Los Angeles and Louisville; possible contestants were asked to select their city when signing up for the online test.

After taking a second practice test during the audition, taking a personality test, and playing the game, finalists are determined and informed of their selection for an appearance on "Jeopardy!" two to three months later. "Jeopardy!" Kids' Week is usually filmed in the middle of March and airs on ABC a few weeks later.

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