How Do You Play Jenga?


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To play Jenga according to the official rules, create the Jenga tower by stacking 54 wooden blocks in levels of three. Each level should form a right angle to the previous level. Players take turns removing one block from any level of the tower besides the first one and then placing the removed block at the top of the tower. The game ends when the tower falls, and the loser is the player who makes the tower fall.

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How Do You Play Jenga?
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Players may only touch the tower with one hand at a time, but they can use either hand. Players may touch blocks to find a loose one. If a player moves a block without fully removing it, she should replace the block unless doing so would make the tower collapse.

Jenga has several variant games, including Throw'n Go Jenga and Jenga Truth or Dare. In Throw'n Go Jenga, blocks are colored red, blue or yellow, and players take turns rolling a six-sided die that gives instructions on what to do during each turn. For example, rolling "Blue/End" on the die means the player has to remove a blue or end block from the tower. Aside from this, the rules are the same as traditional Jenga.

Jenga Truth or Dare is an adult-themed variant of Jenga that uses red, green and natural-colored blocks. Players take turns removing blocks from the tower. If a player removes a red block, she must complete the dare written on the block. If she removes a green block, she must answer the question that is written on the block.

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