How Do You Play "Jazzpunk"?


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Gamers play “Jazzpunk” by downloading the official retail game from Steam and using a keyboard, mouse or PC-supported controller to take on a wide array of crazy missions. While the game is mission-based, it also features an open world for players to explore.

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In “Jazzpunk,” players take control of a secret agent operating in an alternate reality around the time of the Cold War. The developers intended the game to be a comedy that pokes fun of a number of films, old cartoons and itself. The game focus on players using strange gadgets and visiting exotic locations to beat each mission.

Some of the missions that players embark on include retrieving technology that the Russians stole, tracking down a cyberkidney and stealing a briefcase. While players can jump from mission to mission fairly quickly, the game encourages them to explore the open-world environment and the characters that call it home.

Players who simply focus on the missions miss out on much of the humor that the game has to offer. Each character in this fantasy world has a unique personality. Although few of these people give the players any useful information, they do provide some comic relief that adds to the entire game experience that the developers were aiming for.

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