How Do You Play "Jaws" Games Online?


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Gamers can play the Nintendo Entertainment System game “Jaws” on sites that offer browser emulators, such as Game-olides.com, or they can play a Flash game called “Jaws” on Shark77.com. Both of these games are free and don't require players to download the games to play.

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“Jaws” on the NES is based on the movie of the same name. The video game publisher LJN released the game in 1987. Players have to use a computer keyboard to interact with the game. They use the arrow keys to control the boat or the diver during the swimming scenes. The C button allows them to shoot the gun and attack fish.

The goal of “Jaws” on the NES is to eventually defeat a great white shark that is chasing the in-game character. Players move around on the boat until they hit something. This starts a swimming scene in which they have to try to shoot fish and drop seashells and other items for power-ups. If the shark appears, players have to dodge it while doing enough damage to make it run away.

In the Flash game “Jaws,” players control a diver who needs to take down a great white shark with his harpoon gun. They use the arrow keys to move the swimmer and the F key to fire the harpoon gun. Players can only face one direction and move very slowly. They have to plan their movements ahead of time because the shark speeds up when they are in view.

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