How Do You Play "Jail Break 3"?


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Gamers play "Jail Break 3" using the computer keyboard to control a dot character, primarily the arrow keys to move the dot around the map. The space bar makes the dot run, but it can only run for a limited amount of time based on a stamina bar.

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The goal of "Jail Break 3" is to escape from jail without getting caught. To do this, players have to avoid the security cameras and guards who patrol the hallways. There are locked doors in some rooms that require the player to grab a key before progressing. If the cameras or guards spot the character at any time in a room, the players are forced to restart that room. Pressing the R button restarts the entire game from the beginning.

Along with cameras and guards, players also have to be on the lookout for lasers and motion sensors. These traps appear in later rooms as the difficulty of the game progresses. A timer records how long it takes players to escape the entire jail rather than just one room. The game gives infinite continues, but if a security measure catches the players at any point in a room, they have to start the entire room over.

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