How Do You Play the Italian Accordion?


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The Italian accordion can be played either sitting or standing. Place the straps on your shoulders with the keyboard facing outside, as if wearing a backpack on your chest. Slip your left hand under the strap on the button side. Play the melody of a song with your right hand while pumping the bellows and playing chords with your left hand.

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Play the keyboard of the accordion just as you would play a piano keyboard. The white keys are named from A through G. A black key is half a tone higher than the white key above it and half a tone lower than the white key below it, so it is named the sharp of the white key above or the flat of the white key below.

The accordion has bass buttons on the left. The row closest to the bellows is the counter bass row, next is the fundamental bass row, followed by the major, minor, seventh and diminished chord buttons. Play a chord by pressing the button of the chord. Learn to find the notes without looking. Locate the fundamental C bass note first, as it is always marked; the G note is just above it, while the F note is just below it. All the buttons in a diagonal row are related to the same bass note.

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