How Do You Play Iron Man Games?


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Play Iron Man games by visiting Nick Toons, Hero Games World and Kids Games Heroes. These sites all offer free online Iron Man games, including “Armored Justice,” “City Flight” and “Makluan Ring Rampage.”

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“Iron Man: Armored Justice” is a game in the tradition of classic arcade shooters such as “Defender.” Players control a flying Iron Man, who must navigate a side-scrolling environment while dodging obstacles, shooting enemies and collecting power-ups. While the game is quite simple, “Iron Man: Armored Justice” features the kind of mindless, addictive gameplay that characterizes classic shooting games.

In “Iron Man: City Flight,” players must save New York City from an impending meteor shower. Flying across the city skyline, Iron Man must avoid meteors and battle enemies as he tries to move as quickly as possible through the urban landscape. More frequent enemies and obstacles keep the game challenging, while power-ups and weapon recharges help players stay alive.

“Iron Man: Makluan Ring Rampage” sits somewhere between a racing game and a flight simulation, as players control a high-flying Iron Man who must pass through a series of rings in the sky. The game adopts a behind-the-back perspective, and players use the mouse to move Iron Man around the screen, passing through rings and collecting items. The game moves more quickly as players progress, and rings become further apart, adding to the challenge.

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