How Do You Play Incredibox V2?


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To play Incredibox V2, navigate to Incredibox.com, and click on the button with the V2 designation. Once the application loads, select various beats, effects, melodies and voices, and drag them onto the animated singers. Incredibox V2 requires the Adobe Flash Player software, making it necessary to use a Web browser that features Flash support, such as Google Chrome.

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Incredibox V2 features a total of 20 sound elements, five for each category. By dragging a specific sound element onto an animated singer, his clothing style changes, and a new singer appears next to him. Repeat the process to create the desired sound mix. To remove an active singer from the interface, hover over him, and click on the X button. The menu that appears when hovering over the singers also allows you to isolate the selected singer or mute him by clicking on the headphones or the speaker button, respectively. Alternatively, left-click on the singer to mute him; left-click and hold the button to isolate him; or double-click to remove him.

To record a mix, click on the Record button, wait until the selected sound elements loop at least 10 times, click on the Stop button, and then download or share the mix by selecting the appropriate option. To create a random mix, click on the Shuffle Mode button, and let the application automatically select the sound elements.

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