How Do You Play "The Impossible Quiz 2"?

How Do You Play "The Impossible Quiz 2"?

"The Impossible Quiz 2" is played by using the mouse and keyboard to click or type answers to questions presented on the game screen. The questions are often designed to trick the player, and the correct answer is rarely obvious.

"The Impossible Quiz 2" is a Flash game that can be found on Released on September 1, 2007, it is the second main installment of "The Impossible Quiz" series created by Slapp-Me-Do. A mobile version of the game was released for iOS in 2010.

In "The Impossible Quiz 2," the player is given a total of five lives. One life is lost for each wrong answer, and a loss of all five lives results in a game over. There are 120 questions in total.

Although presented as a point-and-click style game, there are many questions that require a keyboard to complete. An example is question seven, which shows a picture of a lock along with four keys. The text reads "Use the Right Key," but clicking on any of the four keys results in a wrong answer. Instead, the player must press the right arrow key on the keyboard to advance.

Several online question-by-question guides exist for "The Impossible Quiz 2," but it is possible to complete the game without outside help.