How Do You Play "The Impossible Quiz"?


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Play "The Impossible Quiz" by answering a series of questions which focus factual knowledge, problem-solving skills and random guessing. Answer questions by clicking on one of four available answer buttons in each section, though some questions require separate actions in order to progress.

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The main input method in "The Impossible Quiz" is clicking on different elements of the screen, typically one of the available answer buttons. At the start of the game you have three lives, which means you are able to submit an incorrect answer three times before failing the game and starting over. Some levels include bombs that act as forced timers. If you don't answer the question correctly before the bomb explodes, you fail the game and must start over, regardless of the number of lives you have left. The time limit on these bombs ranges from one to 10 seconds.

Correctly answering certain questions earns you the ability to skip a question if it appears too difficult. However, some questions must be answered no matter what. Many questions focus on critical thinking skills to discover the solution. For example, one question tells you not to click on an answer. As such, you need to click on the question in order to move on to the next level.

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