How Do You Play "Hungry Shark Evolution"?


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Play "Hungry Shark Evolution" by moving the shark avatar through the ocean environment and eating smaller fish to gain points. The more points you collect, the larger and more powerful your shark avatar becomes.

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How Do You Play "Hungry Shark Evolution"?
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"Hungry Shark Evolution" is a video game app that is compatible with Android and Apple devices. The goal of the game is to level up and evolve the shark into its largest and most powerful form: "Big Daddy."

The game play consists of a number of separate missions, with a few missions allotted to each shark evolution. While the playing environment remains roughly the same, each mission has a specified goal that you must reach to complete the mission and level up. For example, one mission requires you to eat all of the pelicans flying above the surface of the water. Another mission simply requires you to score over 25,000 points. During any given mission, you can score points by moving the shark over smaller fish to eat them. You can also score points by avoiding larger fish and obstacles that may harm the shark.

Use points earned during game play to purchase items and new shark evolutions. The available items are generally armor or weapons that provide added protection for the shark during missions.

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