How Do You Play "The Hunger Games" Version of "Minecraft"?


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Play "The Hunger Games" modification of the computer game "Minecraft" by logging into your account and locating a server running the mod. In the game, retrieve or craft a token to begin recreating the competitive actions of the book series by fighting other players for survival.

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The general gameplay of "Minecraft" revolves around players exploring a fully interactive open world and collecting various elements to craft new items, ranging from construction materials to weapons and armor. The game also allows players to create special modifications that alter the look and controls of the game. One such modification allows players to recreate the main event from the book and movie series "The Hunger Games" wherein 24 players battle each other in a specially constructed world full of weapons and enemies until only one player remains.

As with the story, the players, known as Tributes, begin surrounding a cornucopia which contains various weapons and items. The players must rush to the cornucopia to collect items and then retreat to the game world to wage war against each other. The game modification contains special weapons and items for use in the game, many of which are not available in the standard game mode. It also contains options for the server owners to build special structures and monitor the interactions of all players.

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