How Do You Play "Hunger Games" in Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft Hunger Games, or "survival games," is as easy as joining a dedicated survival games server. The game is based off the Hunger Games series of books, where players are given few tools to survive and defend themselves, as they compete to be the last man standing. Current survival games servers are listed on and, along with the current status and number of online players.

Some large Minecraft servers have sections which include survival games, while some servers are fully dedicated to survival games. Most servers have multiple games running at once to reduce waiting times. The first ever Minecraft survival games community was created at in 2012. As of 2015, lists over 38,000 survival games servers.

In game, players all spawn surrounding a cornucopia, which consists of many chests filled with useful items. They are let free, able to either risk going for the cornucopia or running away to avoid attack. Around the map, chests are scattered that contain items such as food, weapons and armor to make surviving easier. To win, gather weapons and stay alive until the deathmatch, when the final three surviving players face each other in an all-out brawl. The last surviving player is crowned the winner.