How Do You Play "Horse Eventing 3"?


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In “Horse Eventing 3,” gamers bond with their horses to raise their affection so that they perform better in competitions such as barrel racing. This game is available to play on gaming websites such as GirlsGoGames.com and requires Unity to run, which means it doesn't work in Google Chrome.

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Players need to groom and feed their horses to keep them happy. The happier a horse is, the more stunts it can perform. Happy horses also run faster and are easier to control. Performing in competitions is the only way players can collect trophies. The goal is to get a gold trophy in every competition.

Players can participate in three competitions: barrel racing, calf cutting and dressage. Each of these categories also has three levels of competition: regional, national and international. The requirements to win each level increase in difficulty as the players progress in the game. Performing well in competitions earns experience points so that players can level up and become better trainers.

Winning competitions also earns players money to buy new items to take care of their horses and increase their affection levels quicker. Players control their horses during competitions with the computer keyboard. Outside of competitions, players use the computer mouse to groom, feed and care for their horses.

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