How Do You Play the "Hobo 3" Game?


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Play the “Hobo 3 – Wanted” Flash game on arcade websites such as Armorgames.com, controlling the hobo in the game using a computer keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move the hobo, the A key to punch and the S key to kick.

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“Hobo 3 – Wanted” takes place after the second game in the series; the hobo is now wanted for escaping from jail. Players have to fight cops, thugs and average citizens as they continue their criminal ways.

While there are only two main attacks in the game, punch and kick, players can pull off combos by pressing different combinations of these two keys. Some combos lead to the hobo spitting, peeing or throwing up on the other characters.

Sometimes the players can use items to take down enemies. For example, they can pick up the guns that the cops or thugs drop. None of the items have unlimited use, so they run out of ammo or break after a certain amount of uses.

“Hobo 3 – Wanted” is a beat-em-up game in which the players travel from left to right beating up everyone they see on the screen. If the life bar in the upper left corner of the screen becomes empty, it's game over.

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