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To play Hit the Dot, first access the game through an online game site such as Winterrowd.com, ScaryWebGames.com or ScaryMaze.co. To play the game, click on the big slow dot with your mouse. As the game progresses, the dot becomes smaller, faster and more difficult to hit. Hit the Dot is a prank game and scary pop-up game, and is designed to frighten the player when a pop-up image appears at the end.

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The Hit the Dot game tests your reflexes, mouse skills and eyesight. The game becomes increasingly challenging in the later stages, when the dot moves around the screen at a fast pace. As the player focuses on the increasingly difficult game, a scary image of a girl appears on the screen and makes a screaming noise. Players share this game with their friends in order to trick them into playing and being scared by the image.

As of 2015, there are a number of scary pop-up games available on ScaryGames.com, such as Scary Maze and Death Prediction. There are several versions of the Scary Maze available. The Scary Maze is the original scary pop-up game. For maximum effect, prank pop=up games work best on a large screen with maximum volume.

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