How Do You Play the "Hill Climb Racing" Game?


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Play "Hill Climb Racing" by using the up arrow key to accelerate the rider across each level in order to reach the end point. Use the left and right arrow keys to control the positioning of the rider and to keep your balance, and use the down key to brake.

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The goal of "Hill Climb Racing" is to earn the highest score possible on each level while reaching the end point unscathed. One of the key elements of the game is performing large jumps and flips in order to increase your overall score. However, if you land the rider upside down or hit the character against any part of the terrain for an extended period of time you crash and must start the level over. You perform spins by using the left arrow to move the rider backwards and the right arrow to move the rider forward. It is up to you to determine when a spin is possible and when you need to readjust in order to complete the level.

Every level consists of different obstacles, such as the titular hills as well as holes and bumps. You also have access to a small map that allows you to see what type of terrain is coming up next and plan your moves accordingly.

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