How Do You Play the "Hill Climb Race" PC Game?


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Gamers can play “Hill Climb Racing” on arcade websites such as Kongregate from a PC via their Internet browser. This game is also available under the same name on Android devices through Google Play.

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In “Hill Climb Race” on PC, gamers use a computer keyboard to control different vehicles in order to drive as far as possible before they run out of gas or flip the vehicles. There is no end to the game, and players simply aim to beat their high scores on each stage.

On each stage, players can collect gas cans and coins. The gas cans give players more fuel so that they can continue driving on that stage. They use the coins in the in-game shop to buy new vehicles, upgrade the vehicles and unlock new stages.

When players start “Hill Climb Race,” they have to pick a vehicle or unlock one. On the next screen, they have to pick a stage or unlock one. Players then have a chance to upgrade the vehicle before the stage starts. They can upgrade the engine, tires, four wheel drive and suspension. Once the game starts, players use the W key to speed up, the S key to slow down, and the A and D keys to tilt the vehicle left or right.

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