How Do You Play the Hex Board Game?


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In the board game Hex, two players take turns placing markers on a hexagonal grid in attempts to create a connected path of markers from one side of the board to the opposite side. Like the ancient game of Go, Hex is an abstract strategy game with the goal of making a connection or path on the board.

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To play Hex, each player selects a color for his markers, such as black or white. In turn, the players set a marker on any available cell on the board. A player chooses a cell to create or continue a connection of his markers or to block a connection of his opponent's markers.

One successful strategy for winning Hex is called forming a bridge. The strategy involves creating a line of connected markers by working from opposite sides of the board and moving toward the middle. When the markers are separated by a single row of cells, the opponent has two options for placing his marker in an adjacent cell, but neither option blocks the connection.

Because the first player to place his marker is more likely to win, some games are played following the pie rules, in which the second player can switch positions with the first player after the first move. In another version of the game, the first player to create a connection loses.

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