How Do You Play "Hearthstone"?


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To play Hearthstone, download the Battle.net client, install the game, and defeat the enemy hero by decreasing his hit points to zero to win game. Hearthstone provides in-game tutorials to help new players get into the game.

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  1. Download the game

    Go to Battle.net, and download the Battle.net client. An account is required to play Blizzard games. Once the client has been downloaded, there is an option to install the game.

  2. Play the tutorials

    The first time the game is loaded, the player is presented with the in-game tutorial. It must be completed before other modes are unlocked. The tutorial takes you through the basics of Hearthstone in six different levels.

  3. Choose a hero

    Choose a hero to play against. Each hero has a different style of play, and the deck is based around the strengths of the hero.

  4. Play the game

    At the start of the game, each player is allowed to redraw parts of their starting hand. Each player gains one gem per turn, and gems are replenished each turn to allow additional actions. Summon minions and use spells to defeat the enemy hero. To win the game reduce the opposing hero to zero hit points.

  5. Practice and improve

    Choose to play one of three modes: play, solo adventure or arena. Play mode matches one player against another player. Solo adventure mode allows players to practice against the game engine and is a good way to gain additional cards to enhance your deck. Arena mode is a gauntlet-style multiplayer option where a player plays with a group until three loses are accumulated.

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