How Do You Play the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz?


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There are many Harry Potter sorting hat quizzes available online, such as the one in the entertainment tab on Family Education's website. Similar to the books and movies, the sorting hat quiz assigns each player to Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. The quiz is played simply by honestly answering the questions, as the hat assigns the appropriate Hogwarts House based on the answers given.

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How Do You Play the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz?
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In order to play the sorting hat quiz:

  1. Choose the quiz
  2. To provide the best results, all the players must take the same quiz online. After answering the questions, the hat will sort the players into the correct Hogwarts House. The answer to questions such as "What trait best described you?" or "What is your favorite Bertie Bott's Bean flavor?" will help the sorting hat know which house you belong.

  3. Choose the sorting hat application
  4. There are applications available from iTunes and Google Play that can turn a phone into a sorting hat. It can be used to assign players into teams or to randomly choose a Hogwarts House during a Harry Potter party. The Harry Potter Spells application assigns the destined wand, sorts the players into Hogwarts Houses and teaches the spells.

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