How Do You Play the Harmonica?

How Do You Play the Harmonica?

To play the harmonica, hold the instrument to your mouth with the side closest to you angled upward. Create a loose seal with your lips, and blow to create a sound. Play different notes by blocking holes with your tongue and moving your mouth to the left and right.

  1. Position the harmonica

    Hold the harmonica in front of your mouth in a horizontal position. Open your mouth, and insert the side of the harmonica, angling the inside edge up toward the top of your mouth. Close your lips around the instrument in a loose seal. Ensure that the inside surface of your bottom lip touches the bottom of the harmonica.

  2. Blow on the harmonica

    With your lips closed around the harmonica, exhale lightly. Try again with a stronger breath to achieve a louder volume. Experiment with the tightness of your lip seal and the strength of your breath until you find a pleasant tone and volume.

  3. Make different notes

    Move your mouth to the left and blow to make lower notes, keeping a seal around the instrument with your lips. If the harmonica doesn't move smoothly, moisten your lips. Move your mouth to the right and blow to create higher notes. Adjust the position of your tongue to close off different holes to achieve half notes.