How Do You Play Happy Wheels on A10?


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Players use the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to play “Happy Wheels” on A10. The up arrow key accelerates, and the left and right keys make the character lean. Pressing the down arrow makes the racer go in reverse.

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In “Happy Wheels,” players take control of inadequately prepared racers who have to survive crazy obstacle courses. At the start of the game, they choose a stage and select one of three playable characters. Each character has its own specific action when the players press the Shift, Ctrl or space bar keys. Gamers can press the Z key to eject the racer from the vehicle and press the R or Esc key to restart the course.

Before starting the game, players can choose how the game runs in the “Options” menu, such as the quality of the graphics and the sound. Some of the graphical options include the ability to smooth the graphics or to compress the textures. Players should only change these options if the game doesn't run smoothly during normal play.

When choosing a character, players can see that a fourth character is unavailable. This character and others are only playable in later versions of the game. The version available on A10 is a demo version of “Happy Wheels,” so it lacks some features that are available in the full game.

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