How Do You Play Happy Wheels?


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Play the game "Happy Wheels" by using the arrow keys to move one of several optional characters forward on different levels in an attempt to reach an end point without dying. Each character features different moves accessible through the space bar, control key and the shift key.

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At the start of the game, choose from the available set of player-created levels. Some levels provide choices for the different player characters, while others only offer a single character. Once the level begins, use the up-arrow key to move the character forward through the level. Every level features a different design and end goal, with some levels leaving the win condition unclear until the player is done exploring the available space. Each level includes a difficulty rating along with a play counter.

During the course of the level, it may be necessary to use the left- or right-arrow keys to have the character lean from side to side to maintain balance and avoid flipping over. If the character flips over or lands on a level hazard, it explodes and the level ends. Certain levels also require the use of different special movies to avoid making contact with the various hazards. Typical hazards include floor spikes, spinning saw blades and ramps that send the character off balance.

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