How Do You Play "Happy Wheels 3"?


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While there is no game called Happy Wheels 3, as of 2016, players can enjoy the game “Happy Wheels” on the developer's official website TotalJerkFace.com. The developer of this game has yet to continue the series as of January 2016, but the level editor allows users to submit new content for people to play.

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The goal of “Happy Wheels” is to get the character through the entire level without dying. Through the course of the stage, there are several hazards that players must overcome to reach the end. Since different people make most of the stages, they all have a unique feel.

Once the players make it to the end of the stage, the victory menu opens. In it, they can choose to restart the level, watch a replay, or add the course to their favorites. At any point during the gameplay, the players can use the computer mouse to click on the menu button in the bottom left-hand corner of the game window to restart the level or exit to the main menu.

Players use the computer keyboard to interact with the on-screen vehicle. They use the up arrow to go forward and the down arrow to go in reverse. The left and right arrows make the vehicle lean in those respective directions. The space bar makes the vehicle jump, and players can eject the character from the vehicle with the Z button.

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