How Do You Play the "HangMouse" Spelling Game?


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Play the spelling game "HangMouse" by clicking on different letters of the alphabet in an attempt to fill in the blanks on a vocabulary word and retrieve cheese for the mouse. Each incorrect selection slowly wakes up the cat and uses an available attempt.

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The "HangMouse" game functions in the same manner as the Hangman word game, but replaces the morbid concept of a human being hanged as a result of incorrect spelling guesses with a playful mouse attempting to steal cheese from a sleeping cat. At the start of the game, you choose a vocabulary list based on different grade levels and curriculum, such as social studies, math and science. Alternately, you have the ability to enter your own word list.

Once the game begins, you are presented with a word with all of its letters replaced by blank spaces. You are only able to make seven incorrect guesses before the cat wakes up and the game is over. To make a guess, click on one of the letters visible below the word. If the letter is present in the word, it is added to the appropriate blank spot or spots and is not selectable again. Once you guess all the letters correctly, you see the full word and begin a new puzzle.

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