How Do You Play Hand and Foot?


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Play Hand and Foot by dealing cards to players with the objective of forming melds. The game is suitable for between two and six players. The game comprises of four rounds, with points awarded to the player who gets rid of all his cards first.

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Start play by dealing each player two sets of cards: the hand, which is dealt first, and the foot. The idea of the game is to get rid of your cards by creating melds, which are groupings of between three and seven equally ranked cards. Start each turn by drawing two cards from the deck and attempt to make as many melds as possible.

Meld cards of any rank apart except threes, which have special uses. Twos and jokers are wild cards and may be used as substitutes in any meld. The meld may also comprise of only wild cards, a meld known as a wild meld. A dirty meld contains one or two wild cards, whereas a clean meld does not have a wild card. A complete meld is a seven-card pile.

Score points for melded cards or lose points at the end of play for cards remaining in your hand. Each card has a value, and the melded piles count in your favor while the remaining cards count against you. The game ends when a player gets rid of his cards by melding or discarding them; referred to as "going out."

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