How Do You Play a Half-Orc Barbarian?


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In “Dungeons and Dragons Online,” players can play as a half-orc barbarian by selecting a half-orc as their race and a barbarian as their class. The official “Dungeons and Dragons Online” website suggests taking a half-orc character down the path of a Vanguard Warrior, Savage of the Wild or a Storm of Kargon to ensure that the player gets the most out of the half-orc's strength.

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The half-orc is a formidable race because they retain the power of their orc ancestry and have greater discipline thanks to their human side. This combination is considered a strength setup because both the half-orc race and the barbarian class focus on raw overall power.

Barbarians are a great class for newcomers to the “Dungeons and Dragons Online” game because they possess great offensive power, allowing the player to do a lot of damage. Although barbarians are not as well armored as the fighter class, they have the ability to absorb damage during battle and use it with their rage ability. When using a barbarian class, players should primarily focus on their character's strength statistic because this affects the overall damage output of the player.

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