How Do You Play the "Guess the Person" Game?

To play the "Guess the Person" game, have participants write several names of people on individual sheets of paper, fold them and put them into a bowl. One member of each team gives clues about each name to the other members so they can attempt to guess the person.

  1. Collect a large number of names in a bowl

    Select the names yourself, or have the game participants give the names. In any case, have a large selection of names from which the teams can choose. Each name should be written clearly on one small piece of paper.

  2. Divide the group into teams

    Two teams is an obvious choice, but for a large group of people, more teams are a possibility. Have at least three or four people on each team. Larger teams work as well.

  3. Start the game with the first round

    One member of the first team draws one name from the bowl, reads it, and gives clues quickly to other members of his team. The team members guess as many names as possible in one minute. If they guess correctly, the slip of paper is put in one pile. If they are unable to guess the name, the slip is returned to the bowl. The game continues until all the names are guessed. The slips are then returned to the bowl for the next round.

  4. Continue the game with the second round

    For this round, one member of the team draws a name from the bowl and gives only a one-word clue to the team members. The team members try to guess the name from the one-word clue. Since everyone has heard all the names in the bowl before, it is easier to guess this round. Each team, again, gets one point for each name they guess. Continue round two until all the names are guessed. If desired, continue the game with a third round.

  5. Continue the game with a third round

    In this round, the same names are returned to the bowl. In this round, however, the team member giving the clues can only act out a clue to try to get his team members to guess the name. At the end of this round, add up all the teams' points from each round to determine the winner.