How Do You Play Green Felt "Freecell Solitaire"?


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Play "Freecell Solitaire" on GreenFelt.com by playing cards into one of the four available slots at the top of the play area in order to unearth an ace to play in the designated suit piles. The goal of the game is to create four stacks of ascending cards by suit.

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Freecell is a variant of the single-player card game Solitaire that places all 52 cards in the deck out on a playing field rather than requiring a series of draws to cycle through the cards. The goal of the game is the same as in other versions of Solitaire in that you need to compile a full ascending set of cards in each suit.

To accomplish this, move cards across the eight different piles in the play area in order to access the appropriate cards. At any point you may select a set of cards from the play area and move them to another column, as long as the top-most card is of an alternating suit and lower face value than the bottom-most card of that column. In the event that you are unable to access any cards, you have the ability to place cards in up to four open holding areas.

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