How Do You Play Gravity Guy?


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Play Gravity Guy by downloading the game to an iOS or Android device, or by navigating a computer-based Web browser to the Miniclip Flash game website. Control the game by tapping the screen on touch-screen versions or by pressing the space bar for the Flash version. This reverses the gravity for the eponymous protagonist, allowing him to evade obstacles as he runs along the screen.

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As the Gravity Guy runs along each level, he's pursued by Gravity troops that seek to catch him. He can also fall or fly off the screen. Any of these occurrences end the level, forcing the player to start over from the last checkpoint passed in the game.

The game play options for Gravity Guy differ with each version. The Flash version, released in 2010 by Miniclip and hosted on the company website, features Story, Practice and Endless modes. The first mode has up to 60 levels in three separate worlds, telling the tale of why Gravity Guy seeks to escape. The Endless mode is just that, a randomly generated level that never concludes. Players hone skills at controlling Gravity Guy in Practice mode, which runs through the levels of story mode without pursuit from the troops.

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