How Do You Play "Grand Theft Auto 5" Online on a PlayStation 3 Console?

In order to play "Grand Theft Auto 5" on a PlayStation 3 console, users may have to upgrade the system. As of the August 2014 updates, the system will no longer have enough storage for content and future updates which are needed to play the game online.

Owners of the 12GB PS3 will need to upgrade the device's storage to continue to play "Grand Theft Auto 5" online. Single-player mode may still be playable, but it will not include additional features and changes made in updates.

To install a hard drive into the PlayStation 3:

  1. Gather required equipment
  2. To install a hard disk drive into the PS3 12 GB, get the official HDD mounting kit and any compatible 5400 RPM 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drive.

  3. Install the hard drive
  4. Install the disk drive into the PlayStation 3 following the instructions from the mounting kit instruction manual.

  5. Format and copy content
  6. Follow the hard disk format process from Sony's official website. Once installed and powered on, the prompt will walk the user through copying and formatting. Once this is complete, the hard drive will be the only source of internal storage from that point forward.

Once complete, the storage can be confirmed through the system settings. The system information will display the amount of available space and total space.