How Do You Play the Gold Miner Claw Game?


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Gamers use the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to try to catch gold nuggets in the “Gold Miner Claw Game.” The game is available to play for free on Memory-Imrpovement-Tips.com. This is a Flash game that doesn't require players to install it to their computers.

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In the “Gold Miner Claw Game,” players control a gold miner looking for gold nuggets. They use the arrow keys to control the claw machine. When the game starts, the claw machine swings back and forth, and players must hit the down arrow key at the right time to successfully grab gold.

Players have a time limit to reach a certain amount of money. Every gold nugget that they grab is worth a specific amount. The larger the gold nugget, the more money it's worth. However, players must be careful because larger nuggets take longer to pull up. When players grab objects that are not gold, they don't earn any money and just waste time.

At the end of each stage, players can buy items from the shop using the money that they earned from the previous round. For example, players can buy dynamite to blow up rocks that they catch by mistake. They can also buy lucky clovers, which increase the chances of more valuable items appearing on the next level.

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