How Do You Play the GgKids Games?


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Gamers can play games on ggKids by visiting the website and selecting the game that they wish to play from the thumbnail selection. They have to manually hover over a thumbnail to display the name of the game, and they can't search for specific games.

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“Bloons Tower Defense 4” is a game on ggKids in which players use dart towers, such as a dartling gun and a dart monkey, to pop bloons. The goal of the game is to prevent the bloons from making it from one side of the map to the other. Every time a bloon makes it successfully across the entire map, the player loses a life. If the player runs out of lives, the game is over.

In “Bloons Tower Defense 4,” players earn money by popping bloons with the dart towers and successfully completing each stage. They can use this money to buy new dart towers and upgrade existing towers on the map. Although they can sell towers to earn back money, they only get a fraction of what they spent on the tower. To complete the game, players have to determine the best way to use each tower by discovering its strengths and weaknesses. As they level up, players unlock new towers that they can use in their fight against the bloons.

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