How Do You Play the "Garage Escape" Game?


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Gamers play the “Garage Escape” Flash game using a computer keyboard and mouse to interact with objects and items to find a way out of the garage. The game is available to play for free on arcade websites such as AcradeCabin.com as of 2015.

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In “Garage Escape,” players are stuck in the garage and have to find a way out using only the items that they find. Clicking on the edges of the play window using the mouse lets players navigate their way around the garage. They can navigate between four screens, and there are multiple items that they can interact with on each screen. Clicking on an area of the screen usually brings the players closer or allows them to see the same screen from a different angle to reveal an item.

The game gives players no indication as to what they need to do to get out of the garage or where they need to use certain items. After they grab an item, they use the computer mouse to click on that item to use it. After selecting an item, they use the space bar to return that item to the inventory. Players can combine certain items together as well. If they get stuck, there is a viewable walk-through on the bottom right-side of the game window.

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