How Do You Play Games in the Math Fact Cafe?

How Do You Play Games in the Math Fact Cafe?

To play games in the Math Fact Cafe, navigate to the website and click on the "Games" tab from the row of tabs across the top of the home page. This directs to a page of available games that can be played for free.

  1. Locate the "Games" tab
  2. The "Games" tab is located on the row of tabs that is across the top of the homepage.

  3. Select the "Games" tab
  4. Once the "Games" tab has been selected, it will redirect to a page of games that are available to play for free.

  5. Choose a game and click "Play Now"
  6. Each game on the site has a "Play Now" link below the game description that players click in order to be taken to the game's interface and start gameplay.

  7. Choose difficulty level
  8. If an interface pulls up asking for a difficulty level to be chosen, click on the desired difficulty level. Four difficulty levels are usually available, including "Easy," "Medium," "Hard" and "Wow." Once a difficulty level is chosen, click "Generate" to begin the game.

Some top gaming options include "Congeal," which is a game where players guess a picture as it is slowly revealed on the screen, and "Trivia," in which players answer trivia questions. Another popular game on the site is "Maze Craze," which allows players to work their way through various mazes at different difficulty levels; players can also compete with each other to see who gets the best time.

The site also offers pre-made printable learning worksheets and the ability to create custom worksheets for free.