How Do You Play Games From Big Fish Games?

How Do You Play Games From Big Fish Games?

Big Fish Games is an online retailer for downloadable, online and mobile games. Some games are free to play online, while most downloadable games require purchase.

At, visitors find games for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices. The types of games include hidden object, time management, match, casino, adventure and arcade games as well as brain teasers, strategy and board games.

Online games include the above options in addition to marble popper and word games. To play the games, visitors access the website and click on the desired game. They can play many games for free, but their playing time is broken up by periodic advertisements. Playing without advertisements sometimes requires paying a fee.

Downloadable games are available for a trial run before purchase. To access this feature, users download the free trial, which runs for one hour as of May 2015. When users download a game for the first time, prompts them to download a game manager application that allows them to keep their games organized. The site also offers a discount for first time customers.

For Mac, iPhone and iPad users, the website sends them to the iTunes website. also allows customers to try games for free before purchasing. However, before accessing any of the games online or downloading them, all first-time customers have to sign the terms of use form.