How Do You Play Games on

How Do You Play Games on

As of June 2015, to play games on, go to the home page and click on Play Now. Create an account and complete the tutorial. When the game prompts you with what would you like to do, select Play Games, then choose a game.

"Animal Jam" has several different games, each with different objectives and controls.

After you click on Play Now from the home page, create an account by clicking on Create An Animal. Choose a type of animal, then choose a name by combining words from the three-word lists. Enter your gender, birthday and age, then create a user name and password. The site then asks for a parent's email address. Once you agree to the rules, you can begin the game.

After you have an account, you can log in using your username and password at Besides games, other "Animal Jam" features include chatting and trading with other players, exploring different areas of the game world, and customizing animals and dens.

"Animal Jam" memberships are available for a fee. Membership options include recurring monthly or six-month memberships, or a 12-month membership. Members have exclusive content, such as access to all the game's animals. Each membership comes with a gem bonus, and certain memberships also have diamond bonuses.