How Do You Play the Game "Typer Shark" Online?

“Typer Shark” is an online game that requires players to go looking for treasure as a scuba diver while they try to avoid being eaten by sharks. Players do this by typing the words that appear on the sharks that swim toward them quickly and accurately. The game is developed by the same team that created “BookWorm Deluxe.”

Gamehouse says that “Typer Shark” is the perfect game for people who are just learning to type as well as for those who are seasoned pros. This is because the game has multiple difficulty settings that allow players to easily match their typing abilities. Once they feel they have mastered a difficulty setting, they can move up in difficulty to continue honing their skills. The game also keeps track of the player's typing accuracy and high score. This makes the game not only fun but educational.

“Typer Shark” offers two different game modes. One is the adventure mode where players go looking for treasure, and the other is a typing tutor to help players of all skill levels improve their typing skills. There is also a “Typer Shark Deluxe” version of the game that players can install on their computers. The game was released in July 10, 2013, by PopCap Games.