How Do You Play the Game "Tanks 2"?


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Play the game "Tanks 2" by using the up and down arrow keys to control cannon angle, the left and right arrow keys to position the tank, and the space bar to fire. The goal of the game is to defeat the opponent tanks as quickly as possible.

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At the start of the game you have the option to choose the type of terrain on which you want to battle, such as mountains or a desert, as well as the number of players to participate. The game supports both player-versus-player competition as well as player-versus-computer battles. After choosing the game conditions, enter the names of each participant, and choose a tank color before entering into battle. During battle, each player takes turns positioning her tank and lining up her shot before initiating fire. The game ends when one player destroys the other player's tank or both players run out of resources.

While the game allows each player to freely move each tank, there is a limited amount of fuel. Once the fuel runs out, the tank cannot move any further. Therefore movement should focus on changing position rather than moving as close to the opponent as possible. Each shot fires on a trajectory, so it is useful to experiment with different positioning in order to find the best firing location.

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